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Taksi 0.7.6


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

video-capture game-recording

Taksi is screen/video capture with a twist. It is designed to capture live video from your 3d based games and other 3d applications. Taksi can even perform real-time compression to popular video formats such as xvid, divx, etc - or save it uncompressed. Everything is controlled by customizable keyboard short-cut, which gives you fast and simple control even though you might be in the middle of a game. To save disk space Taksi allows you to scale you video to half-size and provide filtering so the image quality is kept at maximum.

3 out of 5 See detailed product rating and read or post comments

Taksi is an open source alternative to

Fraps 2.8
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Fraps is a great product in the unique market of real-time video capturing of DirectX an OpenGL based applications - mainly computer games. Fraps allows you to benchmark your games in always let you... Read more

Taksi news feed

taksi-0.7.7-dev.msi released
Made a few minor changes for debg purposes. Attempted a fix for the PNG GDI+ hang on close, by loading GDI+ only on demand. Added UseDX8 and UseDX9 flags to allow turning on and off the DX API's....
taksi- released
A few minor changes in Added support for PNG file compression for screen shot capture. Some people still just like to take still shots of their applications and BMP files just get WAY too...
Taksi 0.7.6 stable release
I just wanted to get another stable release up since a few bugs have been changed since the last stable release. Most of the changes are GUI/cosmetic but really make Taksi a lot more friendly....
taksi- bug fix version released
I've made a new dev release today just to fix (bandage) a couple of small issues (1 crash bug) and add a couple of GUI bells/whistles. Looks like the next priority for dev/release is going to be...

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