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Things 1.2


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

organizer gtd getting-things-done

There are a lot of GTD (getting things done) applications flooding the market today, trying to make our lives easier and more organized. One of the latest is called "Things" and is both available for Mac and Apple's iPhone. Although it is simple to use, Things is powerful enough to handle a large workflow.

Indeed, Things is so simple that you may not even have to crack open the manual. The interface is user friendly and avoids clutter, opening first to your Inbox to get you started. If you are a one-list type of person, here is where you'll keep your list. If you prefer multiple, indexed lists it's easy to keep track of them.

Things' main advantage is that is makes it easy for you to organize and execute your lists of stuff to do. You can add tags which act as categories, assign due dates and add notes. By dragging an email from the inbox to the "notes" field, you automatically generate a link to the message.

You will see an Action menu on the right side when you enter a task to be done. That menu allows you to repeat the task at any interval you need to and also program a reminder of it days or weeks before it's due. While Things has no priority rankings, you can drag them up or down a list to represent their importance.

The interface is very clean and organized. It doesn't use a lot of columns but shows tags, due dates and other information only if it exists. This uncluttered appearance makes it easy to organize and get things done efficiently.

Another feature is the "Today" list that has every task you need to complete in the current day. You can see overdue items and upcoming reminders if you choose, too. This way you aren't bowled over with lists that might not need to be completed for awhile.

Open source Things alternatives

ThinkingRock 2.2
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Thinking Rock is a GTD (getting things done) application you can use both at home or at work. It is a very simple, bare bones way to organize and implement tasks with more options and choices than... Read more

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