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ThinkingRock 2.2


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

organizer gtd getting-things-done

Download ThinkingRock
Thinking Rock is a GTD (getting things done) application you can use both at home or at work. It is a very simple, bare bones way to organize and implement tasks with more options and choices than it initially appears have.

You will find that Thinking Rock forces you to organize everything correctly following the logical processes of collecting, processing, organizing, reviewing and finally completing the task. By using these basic steps it is unlikely that you'll have any loose ends to tie up after accomplishing your goal. These are the same steps used by professional project managers to insure that a task is done correctly and thoroughly. Rather than making a task more complicated, it simplifies the planning and execution. These stages can be brief and encourage you to use Purpose, Vision, Brainstorming, Organizing.

Thinking Rock allows you to group your actions in projects and sub-projects, viewing them either in tree or list form. The auto-sequencing feature makes organizing easy and logical. Although the interface is simple and unremarkable, it actually eliminates the clutter that is common with many GTD applications.

If you like, you can enter the outcome you wish for the project you're working on. This is a useful tool to see how effective your methods were to the outcome, comparing your vision when planning the task to the effectiveness of the outcome. You can micro-manage by nesting sub-projects up to three levels deep if you want to break the task up into individual pieces.

The GTD application can be easily transferred from one computer to another by moving just one data file or you can use a USB stick for easy portability. If you like to see your data in print rather than a computer screen you can print a PDF file by context or project outline.

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ThinkingRock is an open source alternative to

Things 1.2
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
There are a lot of GTD (getting things done) applications flooding the market today, trying to make our lives easier and more organized. One of the latest is called "Things" and is both available... Read more

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