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Rating and comments for Umbraco

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Average score 3.25 (based on 55 votes)

given by Anonymous on August 15, 2007

given by Anonymous on August 23, 2007

given by Anonymous on November 16, 2007

given by Risingfish on January 9, 2008

Overall, this is a great package for basic information websites or maybe even a blog. We tried to turn it into more of a web application (serving up both XML feeds and normal web pages), but the underlying structure just couldn't handle the more complex stuff cleanly or easily. I'd happily use it for my personal website though.

given by Anonymous on June 5, 2008

given by Anonymous on June 20, 2008

Umbraco has been a great help in our more complex projects. Being completely open we've been able to integrate 3rd data, and build our own applications on top of it.

So my belief is that umbraco is easy to extend and work with, so Risingfish's problems must be caused by his lack of understanding the application.

given by eatme on July 4, 2008

Only really works in IE. No plans to port to mono, indeed developers quite hostile to the idea.

If you are stuck with then you could do worse.

given by Anonymous on January 25, 2009

given by George on March 8, 2010

We replaced our homegrown system with Umbraco in less then 7 hours.
Templating is very nice and it was easy to work with and build on. The only
knock I have is that it is somewhat less snappy then systems like Site Core.

given by Anonymous on March 4, 2015

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