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racing cars

VDrift is a driving simulator that is definitely different. The core of the game is 'drift' racing, based on a recent racing movie and a single driving move that is next to impossible to pull off in the real world. Still, the game has simulation-grade driving physics that make it interesting, fun and challenging for most.

Most users enjoy the realistic graphics and sound effects; learning to drive your car can be challenging due to a rather steep learning curve but the fact that nothing is automatic makes it more interesting. Players must listen to the sound of the engine to determine when to shift on sharp turns or avoid running the car off the track. The 19 different models of cars have fuel gauges and other realistic touches and players must stop to refuel occasionally.

There are a dozen tracks that are modeled on real-world tracks, just as the cars are similar to their real-world counterparts. Players can use their mouse, joystick, a steering wheel, keyboard or gamepad to control their movements. If a player wants more competition they can compete against the computer.

Player feedback points out that lighting and textures could be improved but the biggest complaint is that there is no dedicated server. This means that players can't compete against real opponents, only the AI within the game. VDrift is a work in progress, however, and these issues will undoubtedly be addressed.

In addition there is an active forum where players can discuss techniques and ideas. VDrift has also built a site where players can upload their own vehicle creations or download add-on cars.

5 out of 5 See detailed product rating and read or post comments

VDrift is an open source alternative to

Gran Turismo
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Gran Turismo is a racing simulation game with licensed reproductions of real vehicles. Since its first version in 1997, it's been popular in part because it combines arcade style racing with... Read more

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