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Top 10 Commercial
1. Visio
2. Photoshop
3. Dreamweaver
4. AutoCAD
5. iTunes
6. Movie Maker
7. MS Project
8. Norton Ghost
9. Nero
10. Publisher
Top 10 Open Source
1. Dia
2. OpenOffice Draw
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10. Avidemux

WinMerge 2.6


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

visual-compare merge development winmerge

Download WinMerge
WinMerge is an excellent tool for developers that simplifies merging. Start by selecting two directories and WinMerge will quickly show you which files are alike - and which there are different and might require inspection. Alternatively you can select two separate files you wish to compare. Once you enter the compare/merge view - WinMerge quickly gives you an overview of all of the differences between the top files. Then it is just a question of jumping between the highlighted differences. Using keyboard shortcuts the highlighted sections are easily copied from one file to the other or vice versa.

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WinMerge is an open source alternative to

Araxis Merge 6.5
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Araxis Merge is a professional tool for visual comparison and merging of text files most typically source code - but also web pages. A feature especially useful for developers is the three-way... Read more
UltraCompare 4.20
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
UltraCompare is a great tool for developer when it comes to comparing and merging source code. And if you are already using UltraEdit this is a natural choice since it integrates seamlessly into it.... Read more

WinMerge news feed

WinMerge 2.16.4 (stable) released
Few days ago, Takashi Sawanaka released WinMerge 2.16.4, a new stable version with bugfixes and translation updates. The new version can be downloaded...
WinMerge 2.16.2 (stable) released
Takashi Sawanaka has released WinMerge 2.16.2, a new stable version with bugfixes and translation updates. The new version can be downloaded...
WinMerge 2.16.0 (stable) released
Takashi Sawanaka released a new WinMerge version! Notable new items in the 2.16.0 stable release: 64-bit version of WinMerge is available Install plugins by default Add support for jump list...
A sign of life from WinMerge
Takashi Sawanaka will make his ?JP? fork to the next official WinMerge version. He released a first experimental version with the number...

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