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Rating and comments for Bluefish

Average score 3.26 (based on 58 votes)

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

Not very powerful, just a glorified text editor. Does not
promote web application development.

given by Anonymous on March 15, 2007

given by Anonymous on April 23, 2007

given by David Mulder - on September 22, 2007

Didn't tested it on windows, but on the screenshot page there is a screenshot of running Bluefish on windows using cygwin.

given by Anonymous on December 4, 2007

I use it constantly!
Really easy to use, automatically generates templates!
and practically teaches you CSS, it's lovely.

given by Anonymous on December 24, 2008

Very good editor; could do with code completion though, so I'll try aptana

given by Kevin R. Marshall on July 29, 2009

I've used it to create/edit HTML and XHTML at least one day per week (under Linux) for almost two years now. Is it a Dreamweaver replacement? No, it's not supposed to be (not WYSIWYG). Does it deliver on what it promises? Definitely.

given by Anonymous on September 24, 2009

esxpecially the latest 1.3 releases put Bluefish in front of most other text editors. Code completion, in-line spellcheck, in-line function reference etc. Much improved compared to 1.0

given by Anonymous on March 12, 2011

Bluefish definitively improves your productivity compared to many other IDE's. I tried netbeans, dreamweaver, ultraedit and more, but Bluefish is the winner for me!

given by Anonymous on August 21, 2011

really easy to set up HTML for CSS mabye better to use an editor with WYSIWYG.

given by Anonymous on December 2, 2012

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