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Rating and comments for KompoZer

Average score 2.94 (based on 66 votes)

given by Anonymous on February 12, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

given by M. mohammadi on March 26, 2007

this program have problem with layout Table.
insert and handle a layer kill the user.
when user insert Image, that don't save in local folder of your site.
but it's good to start.

given by Brendan Price on March 30, 2007

Kompozer is effectively a bug-fix release of Nvu, which gets the CSS stylesheet editor up and running. At the same time, though, a lot of other features have been broken (eg: adding tables and images just doesn't seem to work).

However, if you use it side-by-side with Nvu, using Kompozer for editing stylesheets and Nvu for everything else, it actually works out to be a very good and effective method of creating web pages. Kompozer's stylesheet editor is quite powerful and easy to use.

I only hope Nvu gets updated soon - it is a great app, it just isn't finished.

given by Mick Trapman on March 30, 2007

I agree with Brendan Price.
This is a very good fix but it has crippled other aspects of NVU. I can add images (PNG Files Work) with Kompozer but Tables are gone.

given by Chad W. Smith on April 25, 2007

KompoZer is very good. It is a shame that once Linspire/Lindows got N|Vu to what they called a 1.0 release they left it alone. Good to see someone carrying on the work.

From Netscape to Mozilla to N|Vu to KompoZer - this .7x release has a very long history and a very old basis for its code to not be a 1.0.

given by Tim Brenner on May 20, 2007

KompoZer is a step forward from N|vu code. Even a novice can use the tool to create a credible web site.

Publishing is another story but with tools like FireFTP that KompoZer shortcoming is not an issue.

given by Anonymous on May 21, 2007

I think for open source, it is certainly going in the right direction. I'd love to see this develop out more.

given by reza on July 28, 2007

because like open source !!!

given by Anonymous on December 4, 2007

crashes constantly!
try bluefish....

given by Bayu Amus on February 12, 2008

I tried ver 0.7.10 for heavy CSS content web page and it does it job well, until, somehow occasionally it revert the CSS back to the previous saved version, or failed to display changes already made to the CSS file.

Closing and reopening the file helps, but at times the changes are also lost. Amazing for drafting few pages (considering it's WYSIWYG and free), frustrating for "real" works.

Have great hopes, but I think it's not dependable yet.

given by hataknitak nantajo on April 25, 2008

its a piece of shit, frankly

given by Anonymous on October 25, 2008

Don't bother if you need to edit tables...

given by Bruce on January 19, 2009

I like Kompozer - exept for the one major problem. That is when you modify the html directly it removes a lot of the formatting such as background colour and font colour and any javascript that is inside the webpage comes out as text at the top of the webpage. Strange but true!

given by James on June 14, 2009

"its a piece of shit, frankly
I agree with whoever said this.

For christ sake it *reformats* my code behind the scenes. On top of this there is no option under the tools menu for turning this off.

On top of all that, the method used to reformat essentially causes any web page built in kompozer to display only as source and not as an actual web page.

Notepad here I come. Kompozers and it's developers can burn in a hot hot fcking fire.

given by Anonymous on August 14, 2009

Absolutely useless

given by Anonymous on September 17, 2010

Kompozer is twitchier than a meth addict 2 days without a hit

given by looimf on December 2, 2010

Everything seemed to work fine until I posted some pictures. Everything went missing - everything!!! including the source codes!

given by Anonymous on September 4, 2011

still too buggy

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