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layers drawing editing retouching graphics

Download Pinta
Pinta is a cross platform drawing and editing program. It uses some of the code from Paint, so it has the advantage of being familiar to users who have played around with Paint. It is a drawing and image program that is tailored towards the casual user that occasionally needs such a program to alter or improve or create images.

Pinta is not a port of Paint.NET but more closely resembles a clone of it; although it does use some of the code from Paint for adjustments and effects, most of it is original.

Pinta is a fairly new program that added features over the past year of its final development including improving the layer and history windows, paint bucket, previews for layer changes and zoom effects. Pinta developers also added OpenRaster support and the ability to save files in TIFF, ICO and VMP formats as well as JPEG and PNG.

The Pinta drawing and editing program includes many of the tools users might be familiar with through the use of Paint. It includes paintbrush, shapes, eraser, and others and supports multiple layers.

Pinta is based on Mono, an open source alternative for the Microsoft .NET framework. It is Mono that allows Pinta to be cross platform.

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Pinta is an open source alternative to

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