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Rating and comments for SeaMonkey

Average score 3.21 (based on 56 votes)

given by on February 26, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 21, 2007

given by Anonymous on April 6, 2007

given by Anonymous on April 30, 2007

Simply The Best !!!

given by Angela on June 22, 2007

I am soooooo satisfied with Seamonkey - to sound geeky, it has "totally enhanced my browsing experience". I used IE forever and it would take time to load and it would crash if I closed tabs and then try to open new ones. Seamonkey has eliminated all these problems! It's lighting quick, has a sleek design that's user-friendly, extra features like Compose, I can chat with Chatzilla, even the Flash plugin seems to work more smoothly... it's absolutely A-1! And it's free!

given by Anonymous on September 15, 2008

given by Anonymous on December 19, 2008

not great :(
Doesnt live up to firefox.

given by Anonymous on January 29, 2009

Welcome to the real World! The World is not only to nerds!

Let us make things better!

given by Anonymous on April 3, 2009

Best and fastest of the all-in-one's. It's Firefox + Thunderbird + utils.

given by Anonymous on February 10, 2010

given by Fred on March 30, 2013

This is a good WYSIWYG editor for basic web pages, but falls down badly with PHP which it just doesn't recognise. This is a pain for this developer as I create dynamic web pages combining HTML and PHP, but SeaMonkey Composer just comments out the PHP code. It also has a tendency to reformat HTML code, for instance by removing your carefully-placed indentation to leave all code flush with the left border.

A good tool for folk who don't want to get into the HTML code, or create dynamic pages, but a bit lacking for developers.

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